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Welcome to The Iris Boutique

Thank you for visiting The Iris Boutique website. View our extensive range of bearded Irises and browse the photo gallery.

The 2014/15 seaon is now nearly upon us! Orders will be taken from October onwards.

As always there will be new varieties added to the catalogue. These will all be added by the end of September. Please keep checking back for these, most are in small numbers, so if there is a 'must have' you see please ensure you order early to avoid disappointment!

My garden, La Rosaleda is again in the Powerco Taranaki Garden Spectacular. (I always say I'm going to have a year off but never seem to!) There will once again be a large range of potted iris for sale during this time.

As always Im happy to answer any questions and can be contacted via email. if you are a collector and want a specific iris which is not listed, feel free to ask. I now have well over 800 varieties growing, (many that are not yet in the catalogue as numbers are not large enough), however I can often spare one or two for sale.

Enjoy the website and happy gardening!

Coleen Peri

Here's looking forward to next Spring/Summer!